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Addressing gender inequality and discrimination in the world of work


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I am writing to request our government to take immediate steps towards addressing workplace discrimination and gender inequality in [country]. This issue impacts not only women, but their families, communities and our country.


Gender inequality in the world of work is a significant global challenge. In 2018, only 48% of working-age women were employed, compared to 75% of men. A significant share of women across the world work in low-paid and vulnerable work with no rights or entitlements. The global gender pay gap also remains persistent at 20%. 


These inequalities are even greater for women who experience multiple layers of discrimination.


Here in [country], women face [insert local challenge]. I am particularly concerned about [insert personal priority].


Efforts to improve equal participation in the workforce have measurable effects beyond women as individuals. Access to work and a fair income lifts them and their families out of poverty, improves their decision-making power in the household and ensures their economic independence.


To create equality for women in the world of work, we need to:


  1. Ensure women have freedom from violence and harassment; 
  2. Recognise the value of unpaid care and domestic work and redistribute these responsibilities more evenly between men and women;
  3. Disrupt patterns of “women’s work” and “men’s work”;
  4. Ensure all women workers – including informal workers – can enjoy their rights without discrimination; and
  5. Support women’s collective action and organizing.


I ask that you adopt and implement the recommendations of the UN Working Group on Discrimination against Women and Girls thematic report on Women’s Human Rights in the Changing World of Work. The report can be found at


I believe that you as my government representative have an important role to play in enabling these promising practices in [country] and ask that you consider how we can make them happen. Thank you for considering this request and I’d appreciate a response that outlines what action you’re taking to address these issues. 




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